About Us


Division 15 is an internationally recognized organization dedicated to advancing the opportunities of our membership and distributing the science of educational psychology to a broad audience. To achieve these goals, we offer:

  • An array of grants and awards to aid in the production of exceptional research
  • Multiple publications providing updates on research conducted around the world
  • Social platforms for engaging peers and discussing work
  • An annual conference for the delivery of keynote presentations from top names in educational psychology
  • Updates on open positions at top institutions throughout the country
  • A vast support system and constant networking opportunities

Mission Statement

The purposes of this organization shall be to expand psychological knowledge and theory relevant to education, to extend the application of psychological knowledge and services to all aspects of education, to develop professional opportunities in educational psychology, to further the development of psychological theory through the study of educational processes, and to promote cooperation and joint action with others having similar or related purposes.

Structure and Processes

Current leadership, various committees, regulatory documents, and historical information may be found by following the links below.

A list of current Division 15 Fellows may be found here.
Our annual membership dues vary based upon status and affiliation with APA, though it should be noted that APA membership is not a prerequisite for Division 15 membership. Dues for each category of member are as follows:
  • $11.00 per year for APA Associates, APA Members, and APA Fellows
  • $10.00 per year for students
  • $25.00 per year for professionals with no APA affiliation
Additional resources for becoming a Division 15 member (and for renewing membership and paying dues) may be found here.

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