Classroom Insights

The Classroom Insights series is a new line of books published by Corwin and Division 15, edited by Lynley H. Anderman and Debra K. Meyer. Written by educational psychologists and teacher collaborators for educators and practitioners, these books cover a variety of topics. Current titles include:



A Developmental Approach to Educating Young Children by Denise H. Daniels and Patricia K. Clarkson.






An Interpersonal Approach to Classroom Management: Strategies for Improving Student Engagement by Heather A. Davis,  Jessica J. Summers, & Lauren M. Miller

Read the NACADA's review here.





Transforming Teaching and Learning Through Data-Driven Decision Making by Ellen B. Mandinach and Sharnell S. Jackson






Enhancing Adolescents' Motivation for Science: Research-Based Strategies for Teaching Male and Female Students by Lee Shumow and Jennifer A. Schmidt






Engaging Young Children With Informational Books by Helen Patrick and Panayota Mantzicopoulos






Motivation to Learn: Transforming Classroom Culture to Support Student Achievement by Michael Middleton and Kevin Perks





Eight Mythis of Stuent Disengagement: Creating Classrooms of Deep Learning by Jennifer Fredricks (Featured on WNPR News, here.)